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5th Short-term exchange in Italy
Desenzano del Garda, 27.11 - 03.12.2016

On Sunday at 10 o´clock a.m. the Austrian Erasmus group met at the train station in Klagenfurt to start our trip to Desenzano. All of us were very excited to meet the Italian and French groups. After 5 hours of an easy – going train ride with a short stopover in Venice, we arrived at the beautiful town at Lake Garda. We received a warm welcome from our host families and went directly to their houses. After unpacking and a little rest, we experienced the delicious Italian cuisine of our host mothers. In the evening, we all met at a nice little bar, where we had the chance to get to know each other. The Italian group was frank and communicative from the first moment on, whereas the Austrians and French had to take their time. After a few conversations, we went home to get a good night´s sleep to be ready for the next school day.
(Luca Alberti, 8a Klasse)

On Monday morning, we visited the school “Bazoli-Polo” for the first time. Lessons started at 8 o´clock and we went to the auditorium where the teachers and the headmistress welcomed us very gently and warmly, everybody presented himself and the work they had done on the topic of “eating disorders”. We also watched the presentations of the schools which didn’t participate in the exchange in Desenzano. Afterwards every group sang a song from their country. In the end, all together sang some songs like Michael Jackson’ s “We are the world” or John Lennon´s “Imagine”. Then we had our lunchbreak and enjoyed our packed lunch. In the afternoon, we had sports lessons, we played a game called “4-wins”, later some of us had a step-workout while others played basketball. After school, we went ice-skating with our new friends from Italy and France which was great fun.
(Verena Altreiter, 8a Klasse)

On Tuesday morning, the 29th of November, we took the train to the shopping metropole Milan. There we visited the museum of Castello Sforzesco where we saw the unique Pietà Rondanini. It is one of Michelangelo’s unfinished sculptures which was found in his workshop in Rome. Then it was lost and was found again in 1807 in the palace of Rondanini. That’s why it’s called Pietà of Rondanini. Afterwards we went through a park to the famous and beautiful Dome of Milan which is really breath-taking. After that we had some free-time, so some of us used the time and went shopping, others had a coffee with a spectacular view on the dome. We met again and visited the Naviglio Canale. After that we went back by train. Back in Desenzano the pupils went out to have some delicious pizza.
(Melanie Tschernko, 8a Klasse)

On Wednesday, we first went to school and enjoyed a very interesting lesson of psychology in which we learnt how eating habits are connected to our mental and physical state. After leaving school and arriving at the station, we went to Verona by train. There we saw the Arena of Verona which reminded us of the Colosseum in Rome and which is probably the most famous building in the city. Then we walked to the sculpture of Giulietta where students took pictures of their colleagues touching Giulietta’s breasts. Overlooking the scene was the famous balcony of the loving couple. Afterwards we had 2 hours of free time in Verona to explore the lovely town on our own. A lot of students went shopping and already bought some Christmas presents. However, not only clothes or shoes but also various products from the Christmas Market were in high demand. From sauerkraut to Christmas ornaments, everything was on offer. Finally, we went home together by train again and split up afterwards. A number of students went shopping to the mall called Le Vele (the Sails). At the end of the day, all students met again at a bar called "Il Vaticano" and enjoyed the evening.
(Martin Altreiter, 8a Klasse)

On Thursday, 1st December 2016, we went to school in the morning. The first lesson was natural science. We heard about different reactions of the body and fermentation (organelles and ATP). In the second lesson the psychologist Silvia Morosini who works at a family consulting center gave a presentation on the different types of eating disorders. She showed us a film about Anorexia, too. After that we created T-Shirts with slogans concerning healthy eating supervised by Prof. Annovazzi. In the afternoon, we went to Sirmione by bus. There we visited “Le grotte di Catullo” and the Castello “Scaligero” where we had a beautiful view of the city during the sunset. In the evening, we all met at the Italian student Naike’s who invited us to her villa. She offered us home-made wine and we all had a beautiful evening.
(Anja Koschier, 8a Klasse)

On Friday, everyone got the chance to attend another presentation of the psychology teacher and then started preparing some things for the farewell event in the evening. All pupils from different countries were divided into three groups. One group designed a poster concerning the main issue “Eating disorders” which at least should have some positive effect on the reader. Another group made a short video about the week and the third group worked on a brochure about eating disorders such as Anorexia nervosa or Bulimia. After that everybody went home for some time to dress up for the last event in the evening. At the final event, all products for this exchange in Desenzano were presented by the pupils and also our teacher Mag. Giovanni Santoro explained to the parents and the reporters, what the key points of the Erasmus+ project are. After that everyone was invited to have some drinks or food. Later on, the pupils went to Desenzano to celebrate their last evening.
(Christian Wasner, 8a Klasse)

Most of us started our last day in Desenzano with a traditional Italian breakfast in a lovely café near our school. After that we all went to "Il Leone", a big shopping mall. There we did some Christmas shopping and ate pizza for lunch together. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time because we had to meet at the train station at 1:00 o'clock. As a farewell gift, we all got some antlers, took our last group picture and sang all together one last time. After a stop in Venice, we took our final train home, and arrived in Klagenfurt at 19:40, happy to be home, but also sad, that this amazing week was over.
(Pia Arpa, 8a Klasse)

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