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3rd Short-term exchange in Spain
Seville, 24 - 30.04.2016

On Sunday, the 24th of April, the third cross student exchange of our Erasmus+ project started for eight pupils of the Stiftsgymnasium St. Paul under the guidance of Ms. Angelika Kappler and Mr. Giovanni Santoro very early at 4:45 at the train station in Villach. Our trip to Seville began with a train ride to Venice where our first plane took off. Our arrival at Madrid was followed by a 4-hour stop at the airport there. However, the time flew by very fast because you could tell that we were all very excited. Eventually everyone would be able to meet their host families and explore their new home for the next week. After our second flight, we finally arrived safely but tired at 19:25 at the airport in Seville. We were picked up by our host families and we were all welcomed in a very friendly way. In the evening, we met with our host sisters and brothers at a nearby park with the rest of the groups where we played football and got to know each other better. But it was a bit difficult to communicate with the Spanish because their knowledge of English was not that good. Back at the flat we got our dinner very late which is typical for Spain and we all fell asleep very fast.
(Eva Fellner, 7b Klasse)

On Monday, we had to be at school at 8 o'clock. First, we received a nice welcome there and later we did some icebreaking activities. At 10 o'clock, we had a break and then breakfast at the school cafeteria. After that, we did some project work. Everybody of us had to create a menu card with typical Spanish dishes. That was fun. At 13:30 o'clock, we attended an English lesson with our Spanish and British friends. At 14:30 o'clock, we left school and had lunch at our host families' homes. In the afternoon, we spent our free time together. The whole group went for a walk and later we watched a dancing lesson. This dancing style was typical for Spain. We really enjoyed ourselves and in the evening, we stayed with our host families and had dinner with them. The hospitality we experienced was really amazing!
(Theresa Rindler, 7a Klasse)

On Tuesday, the Erasmus group met at school and then we headed to the heart of Seville. First, we went to a restaurant to eat breakfast. There we got typical "Churros con chocolate". It was just delicious. After finishing this great breakfast, we visited the main monuments of Seville. Among others, we saw the Royal Alcazar, the Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Santa Cruz Neighbourhood and the Plaza de España. After visiting all the beautiful monuments, we returned to our host families. At about eight o´clock, the Austrian and the Spanish group met again in the park. We stayed there for about three hours, had a lot of fun and then we went back home for dinner.
(Anna-Katharina Kositz, 7b Klasse)

On Wednesday, the 27th of April, we had classroom immersion in Biology. We cooked a bottle of cola and we saw that there was a lot of sugar in the normal coke, whereas in the coke zero there was less sugar. So we learned that soft drinks are not healthy and that many of them contain as much sugar as a whole chocolate cake. In the next lessons, we were taught the traditional dance of Spain, the Flamenco. It was very difficult to learn but after some time and a lot of effort, we mastered at least the basics of Flamenco. We also played a basketball game against the Spanish pupils and it was very funny.
Later we took the bus to the canoeing centre. There we got a hands-on introduction to canoeing and then we got our boats. It was amazing and a new experience for all of us. Some people even fell into the water because we played a game in which we had to change the boats in the middle of the river. This activity was awesome and great to increase our team spirit. In the end, we were literally all sitting in the same boat!
In the afternoon, we went shopping with our friends and then we went out for dinner. What a wonderful day!
(Laura Faulant, 7a Klasse)

On Thursday, we had to be at school on time. There a bus picked us up at 8 a.m. and we drove to a national park near Seville called Doñana. The days before had been really exhausting and so everyone was sleeping on the bus. When we arrived at El Rocío, we were picked up by a small, green safari bus and our journey through the national park started. The tour was really fascinating and we got to see many sides of the beautiful Spanish landscape. We were all really amazed. This tour ended at 2 p.m. and afterwards we bought candles, went into the church of El Rocío and lit those candles for "Santa Maria". Afterwards we also had time for some souvenir shopping.
After El Rocío, we drove to a restaurant where we were invited to have typical Spanish food called Paella. It was really delicious, everyone enjoyed the food and we had fun because of the conversations going on. After lunch, we all went to the nearby beach. At the beach Anna, Theresa, Eva and I went into the water. At first, it was cold but we got used to it and we had a lot of fun because of the high waves. We also tried to get a tan and really enjoyed the hours at the beach. At 5 p.m., we had to leave and the trip home was more exhausting than we had thought so everyone was sleeping again. In the evening, we went to the park, played football and had a lot of fun with our Spanish friends. All in all – Thursday was a really exhausting but also funny and good day.
(Theresa Hofer, 7a Klasse)

On Friday, our program started at 8.00 a.m. with presentations of pupils from Great Britain, Spain and Austria. We all had to show off what we had prepared concerning the main topic of our exchange "healthy and unhealthy eating habits". After that, we went to a small market to buy some ingredients for a cooking lesson at school. Back there our hosts showed us how to prepare some typical Spanish dishes. We have to confess that the major part of the work was done by our hosts because we didn´t really know how to make Spanish food. We were much better at enjoying the delicious dishes after that. Subsequently we had a few hours of free time to get ready for the farewell event at school in the evening. Of course it was very emotional to say goodbye to our new friends we had made this week. After the event and some Spanish dishes at the school canteen together with the parents, we went to the park to bring the week to a nice, reasonable end.
(Felix Grundnig, 7b Klasse)

On Saturday, we had to get up at 4 o´clock. We had to be at the airport at 5 o´clock so our host parents drove us from Seville to the airport. At the airport, we had some time to say goodbye to everyone. It was a really sad moment. After all that, we had our first flight to Madrid. We had a short waiting period in Madrid but then we flew to the Marco Polo airport in Venice. From there we travelled to Klagenfurt by train where our parents picked us up. All in all, it was really cool week; we made a lot of new friends, had a lot of fun and experienced what a united Europe means! A huge "Thank you" to Mr. Santoro and Ms. Kappler who have made this fantastic week possible!
(Matthias Braunegg, 7a Klasse)

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