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2nd Short-term exchange in Poland
Dabrowa Gornicza, 13.03 - 19.03.2016

The second student cross exchange took place in Poland from the 13th to 19th of March 2016. All the families and teachers were impatiently waiting for their guests to arrive. Before the visit the students had a chance to get to know each other a little via social media. The moment they arrived everybody was extremely happy and greeted each other as a family member.

Monday 14th
Polish students prepared a hot welcome for our partners from Italy and Spain. We wanted to show how the school system works in practice and how we engage students into different activities to motivate them to learn. The artistic programme was followed by the formal speech of the school headmistress Aleksandra Malec. After relaxing and visiting the school, we started ice breaking activities in groups followed by topic presentations. After the hard work, we invited our guests for lunch at school with traditional Polish food. Finally, it was time for short walk to show our guests around the area. We went to Pogoria lakes which bewildered our partners. It was also a good chance to get to know each other a little bit better. In the evening students returned to the families and teachers were hosted at the welcome dinner at a local restaurant.

Tuesday 15th
Exploring Cracow. The weather was a great surprise for our southern partners because the snow was falling the whole morning and the landscape was white. When we arrived in Cracow it was cold and windy. We had a chance to see major parts of the city with its beautiful monuments and old buildings. Students learned the history of Cracow and Mariacki Church. The trip was guided so that also Polish students could get a little chance to learn more about such an important and historical place. We invited everybody for a delicious coffee break in one of the oldest cafes in Cracow and then for traditional dinner in the evening.

Wednesday 16th
The day started with the biology workshop. All the students and teachers enjoyed it a lot and cooperated to successfully carry out all the researches. After the busy morning, we set out for another trip to Oświęcim. The visit to this place was of a different value. Everybody learned about the brutal history and the tragedy of war. The visit left the students with lots of thoughts about human nature. After the visit, which lasted about 6 hours we invited our guest to a very traditional old Polish style restaurant where they could enjoy the meal in the form of Polish wedding reception.

Thursday 17th
The day started with lots of experiments on the science workshops which lasted 2 hours. Students used their basic knowledge to achieve best results. After intellectual activities, we left school for a venue that was supposed to test students strength and stamina. Podlesice a wonderful region with lime rocks perfect for climbing. Students had a great opportunity to try new sports as well as yoga and for lunch we were served a perfectly healthy vegetarian food. The day passed really quickly and in the evening, we had a traditional Polish supper.

Friday 18th
The last working day L From the very morning students were engaged in project work – cooking and physical activities PE lessons. After the whole week students were supposed to prepare traditional healthy Polish dish and they decided to make Polish dumplings. Students with families prepared different stuffings at home which they used for their dish.
They also had a chance to participate in dance lesson, regular PE lesson and attractive sport activity such as Bubble Soccer.
Finally, students organized final meeting for all the teachers, students and parents, local community was also invited to share the last moments of the exchange with us. Students served their dishes and we organize contests to find out how much we remember from the whole week of project work. Unfortunately, the time to say goodbye came quickly and obviously too soon.

Saturday 19th
Departurefrown. All our guests expressed a lot of warm words of gratitude to us, there were tears and words of love. We had to say goodbye…

The whole week was a great opportunity to learn about partners and find out that apart from many differences we are the same human beings with the same needs.

 The Agenda


The Evaluation: Italy, PolandSpain, Families



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