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Second transnational meeting for coordinators in UK
London, 05. - 11.06.2016

The second transnational meeting between the coordinators of each school was held by the East Barnet School in London. The Austrian school was represented by Giovanni Santoro (EU general coordinator of the project), the French school was represented by Vincent Lambert and Stephanie Batisse, the Italian school was represented by Mara Belluzzi and Monica Vielmi, the Polish school was represented by Anna Bijak and Anna Žuravik, the Spanish school was represented by Simon Pérez Gonzalez and Fernando Hidalgo Fernández and the English school, was represented by Eulalee Connor, Steve Sadler and Sue Waters.

After the first project year and the first three short term exchanges, the meeting focused on the following issues:

  • Preparation of the intermediate/progress report for the respective Erasmus+ National Agencies.
  • Revision/Alignment of all activities that are to be carried out during the second project year;
  • Revision/Alignment of the activities in preparation for the next three short-term exchanges with students (Erasmus+ corner, internal/external dissemination activities with parents, teachers, students, portfolios, hosting families, etc.);
  • Revision/Alignment of the activities for the three short-term exchanges with students during the second project year (classroom immersion, workshops, excursions, dissemination activities, etc.);
  • Revision/Alignment of the project timeline (dates of the third transnational meeting and the next three short-term exchanges);
  • Revue/Evaluation of the outcomes and the expected results upon the completion of the project;
  • Revision/Alignment of the tasks and responsibilities of each partner school;
  • Revue/Evaluation of project risks and analysis of the evaluations of the first project year;
  • Revue/Analysis of the budget;

After almost one year of working together in a team and a very efficient way of communication online it was very easy to follow the agenda. Everything was very well organized and prepared and everyone knew what to do and was prepared for the meeting. Apart from working hard, the team visited the surroundings and had the opportunity of discovering the beauty of London and of learning about the culture of the area.

On Friday the teachers did a workshop, cooking for the complete staff of East Barnet school. On the menu were typical dishes from the respective member countries.

The Agenda

The Evaluation


Video: Week review

Video: Multinational Cooking Workshop


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